See how much more car buying services can offer you than the trade in dealerships!

To make things even more smoother, some companies offer a Premier Payment service when selling your car to them, allowing you to get the money into your account within 30 minutes of the transaction being complete!All car valuations are free after a quick inspection you will be given an instant quote

Selling your BMW

Selling your BMW

Sell My BMW, Sell Your BMW, We WILL buy YOUR BMW for cash

At we buy any car across the BMW range, whether your selling, your BMW 1 series, 5 Series or even your Z4 & X5, would be delighted to make a genuine offer to buy your car.

Not just a ‘guestimate’, or what we think somebody else should pay to buy your car, but a genuine offer for to actually buy your car.

We buy any car across each range, from small engine entry models, to top of the range luxury. We will buy saloon, hatchback, 4×4 and estate, manual and automatic.

What’s more if you are honest in your description will pay you what we have offered for your car at the point we collect your car from your doorstep. No unexplained or unjustified price amendments. No admin fees. We do not leave your house with your car until you have confirmed your money has been transferred into your bank account.

If your BMW is less than 6 years old and has less than 80,000 miles then will do just that and be happy to buy your car.


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