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Selling a car online: how does it work?

Selling a car online: how does it work?

Nowadays, you can pretty much buy and sell anything you could possibly imagine on the Internet, but if you’re not much of a surfer or you’re new to the world of online wheeling and dealing, you may not have thought of selling your car online.

Like any other method of selling a car, buying and selling online can be risky, but if you choose the right option, selling your car online can be completely stress-free, safe and civilised.

What are the options?

There are a few options open to you if you decide to sell your car online; you could use auction sites, but it is worth bearing in mind that the site you use will take a cut of your final sale price and also that you may have to pay to set a reserve price or run the risk of not getting the sum you want.

You can also sell online by placing an advert on a classified site, but you will still need to make arrangements with the potential buyer for them to view the car and they will undoubtedly want to negotiate on price; you may also be charged for the advert.

The final option, and we believe that we’ve left the best until last, is selling your car online with Our website was set up to make selling a car easy and safe and to banish many of the woes experienced by people who want to sell their car. We established after years of working in the car industry to provide consumers with a system that provides customers with a simple, quick and convenient way to sell their car.


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