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How to Prepare your Car for Sale

How to Prepare your Car for Sale

Selling your car can sometimes be a stressful and sometimes confusing experience. There are so many things to prepare and sometimes you may be unsure as to what you can do to boost your car’s overall condition. To avoid a lot of hassle, many people opt for online car buying services. At We Will Buy Your Car, we like to make sure the seller is prepared upon meeting our dedicated drivers. When selling your car, it can be both a necessity and common courtesy to do the following:

Make your car Presentable.

Considered the most important factor, the appearance of your car is crucial when preparing your car for sale. Not only is it considered polite to leave your car in a clean condition, it can also drastically improve your cars sellability rate in general and will overall help facilitate a smooth transaction. Perhaps splurging on a valeting service or simply ensuring your car is well hoovered and washed is a great move regardless of how you are selling your car. You should also make sure to remove any personal items from the vehicle.

Car Paperwork

Always make sure you have your relevant documents when going through the sales process of your car including the V5C registration document, servicing schedule and MOT certificate. Any relevant repairs/maintenance paperwork should also be included if relevant, as it can prove that your vehicle is well looked after.

Thorough ‘Under the Bonnet’ Inspection

Ensure that everything is working how it should be in the engine of your car. Ensure that you check fluid levels, battery condition, bonnet opening, smooth engine running etc. The car needs to be in good working order to make the sale valid so make sure this is checked.

Ensuring the following are checked off can really help get the smooth transaction you are hoping for when selling your car


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