Car insurance companies determine prices by a number of factors. Take a glance at these top tips for locating cheaper motor car insurance .

Car insurance are often a serious expense for several . the typical comprehensive policy now costs £815 but this depends on many factors price can vary for everyone

The price you pay depends on your own circumstances. this might be your driving experience , your job or where you reside .

It are often confusing to understand the way to get those costs down. Don’t fret. Over the years we’ve learned a couple of things about cutting automobile insurance costs. We’re here to share these secrets with you.

The price of car insurance depends on factors like:

• The car you drive
• What security your car has
• Who owns and drives your car
• How you employ your car
• Where you reside
• The sort of cover you select

Quick tips for locating cheaper car insurance:

• Make sure you suit your car with up-to-date security systems.
• Be clear on who owns and drives your vehicle.
• Tell your insurance provider how you employ your car.
• Get your sort of cover and therefore the mileage correct when filling in your details.

Does my occupation affect my insurance costs?

Your job can have an impression on what proportion you buy your insurance, albeit you don’t use your car specifically for work.This is because your occupation often impacts in other areas of your life, which changes how you employ your car.

For example, if you’re knowledgeable footballer, you would possibly have the additional cash to afford a high-end car. A more powerful and expensive car means costlier claims, so this might cause your insurance price to travel up.

On the flip side, let’s say you’re a member of staff for a faculty or university. employment like this might mean you’ve got access to a secure parking lot while you’re at work. This extra level of security might be less of a risk to insurers. As a result, your costs could go down.

The type of car you drive

Your car’s value, type and engine size make a difference to your insurance cost. the overall rule is, the smaller the car, the lower the worth .

When watching cars, it’s worth checking prices for a model with a smaller engine size also .
Is the car an import?

Imported cars are often higher to insure, as parts are often harder find for them when the insurer has to get the vehicle repaired therefore the insurance cover will cost more.

Fit a security device

Fitting your car with an alarm, immobiliser or tracker means thieves are less likely to focus on it.

And, in turn, insurance companies are more likely to supply you an inexpensive automobile insurance quote.

Most newer cars (built after 1997) come fitted with an alarm and immobiliser as standard. But you would possibly want to think about adding extra security devices sort of a tracker.

Who owns and drives your car

Car insurance quotes are often higher if the owner is not the same person because the registered keeper. for instance , if you drive a corporation car, or if you own the car but your kids drive it.

This is important when trying to find prices online. Most car insurance quotes need the owner and registered keeper to be same person (or partners).

How will you  be using your car?

It’s important to inform your insurer how you will be using your car. If you use your car to commute for working purposes , tell your insurer. they’ll dispute or may not pay you if you say you just use your car for social use but have an accident on the way to a business meeting.
Most insurance companies will allow you to add ‘business use’ once you need for a small fee.

Usage of car for insurance

Insurers rate car classes of use under one among four categories:

Social, domestic and pleasure

This covers normal day-to-day living, like visiting family and friends or going shopping.


This covers driving to and from the traditional place of labor . It also includes travelling and parking at a railroad station

Business use

This covers using your car in reference to your job. for instance , driving to different sites faraway from your home of labor

• Commercial/business travelling

This will cover using the car for things like door-to-door sales

The type of car insurance cover you select

It’s important you purchase the proper sort of protect your needs. If not, your insurance firm won’t disburse if you would like to form a claim.

Many drivers lean towards third-party, fire and theft, thinking it is a cheaper option. But the typical price of those policies tends to urge pushed up. this is often because higher risk drivers are more likely to travel for this type of cover.

Don’t assume a third-party policy are going to be cheaper. confirm you check comprehensive cover also to ascertain the difference in price.

The different types of insurance cover available:

• Third party

Third-party insurance covers any claim by other parties, but doesn’t cover damage to your car. this is often budget automobile insurance where you’ll need to pay to repair your car yourself.

• Third-party, fire and theft

Third-party, fire and theft covers fire and theft of the car and any claim by other parties.

• Comprehensive

Comprehensive automobile insurance covers accidental damage to the car. this is often also as fire, theft and any claim by third parties.

Other tips

To help lower the value of your automobile insurance , its worth considering the following:

• Keep your driver’s license clean

Having points on your licence will likely increase the value of your cover.

• Black box insurance

Black box insurance policies check out when and the way you drive to figure out what proportion you pay.

Compare automobile insurance online

Renewals are often costlier as insurers tend to offer discounts to new customers.
Comparing car insurance quotes ensures that you’re getting the best possible deal.

• Don’t pay monthly (if you’ll afford to try to to so)
Paying monthly is like a loan and typically have interest applied. This increases final price of your cover.

Some insurers price high

Don’t choose an equivalent insurer as your beloved or friend. Each insurer uses its own data to line up prices, therefore the price you pay will vary between companies.

Extras and add-ons

Think about whether you would like extras like legal expenses cover or a courtesy car. These extras can soon add up and increase what proportion you finish up paying for your policy.

If you think you would need the extras, it’s still worth shopping around and see if you can find better deals. This makes sure you’re getting the best possible deal without reducing the level of cover .