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Myth busting: clean diesels and trustworthy garages

Myth busting: clean diesels and trustworthy garages

diesel fuel

Amidst a barrage of reports about dangerous emissions and rip-off repairs, consumers are being urged to reconsider diesel and trust their garage.

New data from the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) found that 270 new diesel models performed well under the new RDE emissions test.

“These new findings prove that modern diesel cars, supported by fleet renewal policies and combined with alternative powertrains, will play a strong role in helping cities move towards compliance with air quality targets,” said Erik Jonnaert, secretary general of ACEA.

“In parallel, diesel vehicles will continue to remain important for reducing CO2 emissions in the short and medium term, even though all manufacturers are expanding their offer of electrically-chargeable cars.

“It is important that we stop demonising diesel technology as a whole. Instead, we need to differentiate between the old diesel fleet and the latest generation of vehicles.”

Another man keen to set the record straight is Aaron Phillips, of independent garage Jackson & Phillips Automotive Services in Leighton Buzzard.

He used his column in Garage Wire magazine to hit back at claims by roadside assistance provider Green Flag that garages charge motorists for unnecessary work.

“Our business was built on customer service and honesty,” he said. “These types of stories only serve to make it harder for garages to offer advice for fear that the customer will just see it as a money-making exercise.

“For service and investigation work we generate reports and offer honest advice, which our customers appreciate.

“Without doubt, there are garages out there that don’t offer this level of service, but Green Flag’s claims don’t paint a true picture of our industry.”

Motorists should be aware that brakes and tyres are two of the most common parts that less scrupulous garages might try to upsell.


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