There’s no such thing as a Free HPI Check or also known as a vehicle check or car history check  so be extremely cautious of any services that claim to provide an HPI Check Free.

 A Free car check will not provide you the full information, the data included in a free car check is very limited.

We love helping and giving advices to people so they can buy their next car smooth as possible.

If you do a free car check on a car history check it helps you discover full MOT history, road tax status, car spec and some other useful data

To identify when a car was last taxed and whether it passed its most-recent MOT, you can use the Vehicle Enquiry service from Gov. This also provides you with a simple vehicle description which will allow you to calculate the tax band of the car.

For a quick car check regarding a car’s MOT history, Gov offer the Vehicle MOT History check. This will detail the test dates and results, as well as any advisory notice items that you may have not been aware of.  This will always help you see if there were any fault when the car went in for MOT plus you can ask the seller to have those faults been repaired or fixed and is there any proof

It is also free to check if a car is insured using askMID. This service allows motorists who have been in an accident to confirm whether the other parties have car insurance. This information is also useful for used car buyers as you can determine whether the car has been declared a write off and for how long.

Even though a free car check only provides some information it is always a good idea to buy the paid check which will outline if the car has been stolen, written off or has any outstanding finance and much more.